Australian Islamic State doctor ‘a good person’ at mosque

Worshippers at a Perth mosque frequented by the doctor who spruiked* [touted] Islamic State in a propaganda video are surprised he joined the terrorist group.

One person who frequently ­attends the mosque, on the campus of the Australian Islamic College in the southeastern suburb of Thornlie, expressed sadness that his parents had lost their only son.

A neighbour of Kamleh’s parents was dismayed. “I don’t think the parents would support it, they just want to live here and enjoy their life,” the neighbour said. “They’re lovely people. They’d be more unimpressed with (him).”

Counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly, of Curtin University, said Kamleh’s radicalisation showed Islamic State was successfully convincing young professionals they had a role to play in building an Islamic caliphate…

*This word is only used in Australia.