Young American mother Caitlin Coleman and her baby are among dwindling number of Taliban-held US hostages

Among the last of the American hostages held by Islamist militants is a woman who used to be one, but is now two.

One-time Pennsylvania rsident Caitlin Coleman, 30, was kidnapped along with her 32-year-old Canadian husband Joshua Boyle in 2012 while the two were travelling through Afghanistan. Coleman was pregnant, and has given birth in captivity.

All eyes have turned to the little family in the wake of the accidental killing of American hostage Warren Weinstein in US drone strike, revealed this week by the White House.

“I would ask that my family and my government do everything that they can to bring my husband, child and I to safety and freedom,” Coleman, wearing a burka, says in the video recording released by their Taliban captors over a year ago.

  • DMB

    They were kidnapped by the Taliban in 2012 and still to this day are being held hostage. If they were kidnapped by ISIS they would have been beheaded years ago. I guess the Taliban must be considered as ‘moderate’ Muslims.

    • No word from them for over a year, if true suggests they are dead.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        So sad.

  • Tokenn

    From the linked article “Bizarrely, Boyle was married for a short time to a first wife, Zaynab Khadr, whose family has links to al-Qaeda, according to the Globe and Mail.”.

    Yup…that’s a bizarre coincidence, alright. Tell me again why this nice couple went ‘hiking in Afganistan”? WTF is really going on here? I have to say that my sympathy is limited for these idiots who think they can be tourists in war-torn barbaric 3rd World crapholes….

  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t go to Afghanistan. Did you not get the memo?

  • P_F

    Wasn’t this Boyle dude once married to a sister of omar khadar??

    • pettifog

      Yes he was married to some woman in that family, so it’s clear there is something more to the story. He’s not some wayward hiker but, at the minimum, an al Queda sympathizer.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So they hike to Afghanistan to somehow help the Islamic terrorists and then get kidnapped by the very same terrorists.
    I’m fairly certain that they are already dead or atleast are never coming back alive.
    That baby of hers is almost certainly already dead.
    It seems I can sense that in her face.

  • Una Salus

    They’re now getting an authentic Islamic experience.

  • ntt1

    I would need a little more assurance these two are not terrorist sympathizers . he was married into the kadr family which raises a major red flag right there. are these two more Beau Bergdahls ?

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Anyone who goes to Afghanistan for a “travel experience” is either a terrorist sympathizer or a lunatic.