The Moderate Muslim Stands Alone

On March 6, the Association of Chief Police Officers, a body funded by the Home Office, launched a national campaign named, “We Stand Together,” which called upon British police forces and constabularies across the United Kingdom to bring together local communities to “stand against hate crime and intolerance.”

The campaign was apparently a public relations campaign launched in the wake of “recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Denmark, which increased tension in some communities in the UK.”

As part of the campaign, local police forces across the country organized events and arranged photo opportunities with Muslim community groups and spokespersons.

Unsurprisingly, some of these Muslim partners were part of extremist networks and hard-line religious sects. Time and time again, in the name of “diversity,” officials and the authorities partner with extremists.

  • Dana Garcia

    The only trustworthy “moderate Muslim” is an ex-Muslim.

    • Remember our own RCMP helped author an anti-radicalization handbook written by Moderate muslims that advised Muslims not to speak with Police.

    • WalterBannon

      The only sure ex-Muslim is a dead one.

  • WalterBannon

    All treasonous public officials should be hung.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Authorities don’t believe in doing their homework. Extremism can be frequently uncovered through simple Google and Facebook searches.

  • k1992

    This has no doubt been pointed out frequently before but reading the line about “a campaign being started after terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen” made it really hit home to me (again) how insane and traitorous our governments’ responses to terrorism have been.
    There are vicious, unprovoked and unjustifiable attacks against the citizens of western nations and what is the response of those nations’ ruling elites? To crack down on the perpetrators of the violence, to defend their citizens against it? Nah, they reach out by introducing programs to protect the aggressors from any islamophobic “backlash” and creating restrictive anti-free speech laws that criminalize criticism of the enemy, all the while lecturing their citizens on being tolerant and appreciative of those wonderful folk who are trying to murder them.
    Awesome – you guys rock!

    • Blacksmith

      Well said, Unfortunately with the MSM in the pocket of the leftist this truth will only live in places like this. The sheeple will never hear it.

  • Gary

    The Toronto police, RCMP , and OPP have been close to the hamas funding CAIR which was the ” Moderate ” voice of islam and tried to use Dr. Sheema Khan in 2005 to bring the barbaric homophobic child-bride Sharia Law to Ontario .

    Now that the Toronto Police chief made it clear he will run for the Liberal party as a MP , it all makes sense for the Ben Levin issue at PRIDE along with pro-hamas groups there and the quasi-pedophilia display by the Naked TNT males exposing themselves on Yonge street while kids are around since the TDSB and Wynne endorse this.

    The Liberals are willing to condone pedophilia , jews hatred , child abuse, islamic homophobia , misogyny , and terrorist flags on our streets to get votes in the guise of having a Big tent and embracing Diversity.
    Just look at how McGuinty and Wynne allowed the pro-sharia homophobic Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school which Barbara Hall washed her hands of and left it up to the TDSB as part of Inclusion and Diversity.
    Barbara Hall knows what the quran says about killing gays, but in the minds of these twisted Liberals they are selective for who get Human Rights protections and which groups must obey the laws or get to ignore them .

    Hmmmmm, recap …. PRIDE nudity, Police allow child abuse , Wynne endorses PRIDE parade, Ben Levin at PRIDE, TDSB linked to PRIDE , Schools want the Homoerotic Sex ed , Ontario funds CAMH, CAMH wants to normalize pedophilia, Jew hating pro-hamas groups at PRIDE, Justin at PRIDE , and yet all this is about Diversity .