Pakistan: ‘The enemy wants to denigrate the ummah by stoking hatred’

Imam-i-Kaaba Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Ghamdi arrives at Jamia Ashrafia on Saturday. PHOTO: ABID NAWAZ/EXPRESS

LAHORE: The enemy wants to denigrate the ummah by stoking hatred, Imam-i-Kaaba Al Shaikh Khalid al Ghamidi said on Saturday.

He was speaking after leading Fajr prayers at Mansoora. Ghamidi said Muslims should remain vigilant of the designs of their enemies. He said Muslims the world over were one community, they believed in one God, one prophet, one holy book and one creed. Ghamidi said the enemies of Muslims would never succeed as long as Muslims remained united…

…“Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share one soul,” the imam told reception in his honour at Jamia Ashrafia…

  • Tokenn

    Factions of Islam have been at war with each other _forever_. More batcrap crazy doublethink…

    • winniec

      Exactly…it isn’t terrorism when Muslims do it.

  • just a thought

    “stoking hatred” (among non-muslims) = teaching the truth about islam

    “stoking hatred” (among muslims) = teaching the koran

    Don’t crowd, there’s more than enough hatred to go around.

    • winniec

      ‘Hate speech’ doesn’t apply when Muslims do it.
      Hating kafirs is good Islam because Muslims are united in love for other Muslims and united in hate against kafirs.

      • just a thought

        That’s just what they want you to think
        If they ever run out of kafirs, there be plenty of muslimes who aren’t the “right kind.”

        Like I wrote above, there’s more than enough hatred to go around.

        Also, your “CONSPIRACY” post sums up their paranoia nicely.

  • winniec

    That sounds like there is a conspiracy against Muslims! Such top paranoia from one of the top Muslim leaders. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH MORE PARANOID the average Muslim is? Imagine…jihad bombers, shooters, knifers, drivers and beheaders are attacking Western people (and Muslims) everyday…but there is a CONSPIRACY to stop Muslims! Not law enforcement, but a CONSPIRACY!
    It’s never called ‘hate speech’ when Muslims do it.

    • Islam is equal parts paranoia, victimhood and supremacist ideology.

      • barryjr

        Kinda like Hitler and the upper echelons of his little cult.

  • winniec

    Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Ghamdi is a Soddy civil servant. The Soddies need help fighting ISIS and the Shi’ites of Iran. Usually, they treat the Pakis like DIRT, but now they are their BEST PALS because Soddy is in trouble. The hypocrisy smells like hot, steaming piles of taqiyya.