Ontario’s new beer sales “revolution” is anything but

We’re supposed to be thrilled with Kathleen Wynn’s shakeup of the way beer is sold in Ontario.

  • DMB

    Crony Capitalism is were the government picks winners and losers. Under Wynne’s plan only the largest and wealthiest grocery stores will be able to sell beer such as major Liberal party donor Galen Weston’s Loblaws since they will be one of the very few retailers in this province who will be able to afford to pay out the pricey and limited issued permits to sell beer. This will give them an even greater competitive advantage over medium to small grocery and convenience stores who will not be able to compete against them. Not to mention there will be a new tax that will be added to the price of beer which is if not the highest in North America which means that prices of beer will increase under the facade of competition since the beer store under the government of Ontario is still in control.

    • Ontario is a Kleptocracy.

    • Minicapt

      Ontario- always the Wynne-er?


  • Clausewitz

    Crony Capitalism and higher taxes. It’s the Wynne way. Funny these days how I can’t find anyone who will own up to voting for this Bitch.

  • tom_billesley

    The UK supermarket price for Coors Light is about 10% less than Ontario.