From Jonathan Saenz to the Gay Communist Stripper – A Testimony of Freedom

Last Wednesday, I was at the Texas Capitol working on some bills and getting ready for our Young Republican reception that evening. Unfortunately, I never made it to the reception. As I was going around to various committees and watching bills I dropped by State Affairs. I register for a lot of bills there because they get many dealing with abortion and end of life issues. I had already registered and wanted to stop by and see where they were in the process.

As I did, I saw my friend Michelle Smith from Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office and started discussing the bills being presented. The one she and many in the room were there to watch was HB 3567, which would give pastors and other religious affiliated business legal protection should the choose not to participate in same sex ceremonies. I had not planned on testifying, but after listening to several people attack the pastors as hateful and bigoted I chose to speak up…