Evening photo: Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park along the iconic John Muir Trail by Jeff Sambur

Bonus: Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Dennis Frates / Alamy


  • Gary

    When you look at the quasi sediment stratas it shows a pattern for rain or liquid rock flowing over the same place at difference times which would be thousands of years at a time .
    Either the Oceans dropped as the sea beds cracked from quakes , or heavy rains brought in the granular stone material to deposit it as the water receded and the sun baked it dry to turn solid.

    The height of those stratas could also be a Plate collision where one of them slide under and pushed up the whole area , except that it would be rare that the strata layers are even unless they form after the collision .

    I point this out because Al Gore lives in his little World of Computer models to predict the future with his sliver of data which is like investing in GM stock in 2007 based on a chart from the one day GM shares were up $2.25 to predict a future 800% ROI.
    If the Earth’s oceans go back to a previous level that is just 12% of its record high but still higher than the current levels, Gore can NOT lay claim to it being from Global Warming . He’s also misleading people because other than some Comets or space debris , there is no more Water on Earth than what was here when it formed and it’s just changed its State from Liquids, gas, or a solid .
    So far, nobody has invented a machine to create NEW H2o . So Gore has once again fooled people that when the Ice caps melts it will create NEW H2o that flows up to the equators as causes floods.
    Basically , when your fridge breaks down and the Ice cubes melt they do NOT over flow from the tray and pour out of the fridge.

    Science is not about picking some facts that can help prove your theory , it’s about using all the conditions to look for a constance outcome that can be tested hundreds of times with the same results.

    Sorry folks, but when i look at photos like this they tell a story if you know the language of nature to read what is there . The recent find of Oil 20,000 feet below the sea bed in the Gulf Of Mexico , which is 5000 feet deep of water , changes the old theory that Oil is limited to a couple of miles below the land and is created by decomposing material as fossil fuel.
    Since the 1960’s, I have seen a few ” End of the World ” scam artists pushing their books or gorging at the Public trough with funding for their non-crisis.

    Take a close look at the photo is see how it looks like a big layer cake which means that a baker doesn’t make the top layer first and put the new layers under it but builds it over time from the bottom to add filling and then another layer.

    • Frau Katze

      It shows the build-up layers very clearly in that photo.

  • eMan14

    I’ve been to the Badlands in South Dakota. Beautiful land. At night in the moonlight, it’s almost like being on the moon. Not that I know for sure.

  • Allan

    Nice enough photo. A little “enhanced” for my liking but good nevertheless. I know I couldn’t take a shot like that.