Britain ‘is experiencing same decline as Rome in 100BC’

Britain is experiencing the same decline as Rome in 100BC, with the collapse of civilisation inevitable, a scientist has warned.

Dr Jim Penman, of the RMIT University in Melbourne, believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament to advance because of decades of peace and a high standard of living.

He claims that the huge success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because people in the UK have lost the biological drive for innovation.

Instead, Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing.

And when added to a growing distaste for military action, which has seen huge cuts the armed forces, by the end of the century the UK will no longer have the power, or will, to protect itself against a serious invading force, he predicts.

  • DMB
  • Martin B

    Ancient Rome lasted till 476 AD. The UK won’t make it to 2591 AD if it doesn’t do something drastic about the Muzz, who didn’t even need to invade because they were invited in.

    • Destroyer-Drone


      By inviting the muslims over. They have made their presence all the more legitimate. The ancients would have known better.

    • Frau Katze

      Exactly. They invited in the very people who would (help) take them down. But are we any better?

    • k1992

      I pretty much agree. I would only point out that in the last couple of centuries of its existence, Rome relied more and more heavily on German mercenaries to fill the ranks of its armies, as the Romans themselves had become rather soft and unwarlike. This was certainly a kind of infiltration as the loyalties of such soldiers were questionable; it also highlighted the general weakening of the Empire. They had declining birthrates (as we see in the west) and also declining virility (as perhaps we also see in the west).

      • Martin B

        The key difference is that unlike the Muzz, the German mercenaries fulfilled a vital function for the Romans. And while their loyalties were questionable, the loyalty of the Muzz is unquestionable – already, in 2015, vastly more Muslims with British citizenship have left to fight with the Islamic State than have enlisted in the British armed forces.

  • Petey

    Just look at the invasion of Europe by Africa that’s occuring, particularly by Muslim Africans. Africa’s population is projected to increase by one billion over the next 30 years. Europeans are to stay the same.

    Unless you are looking at a massive depopulation that makes the NAZIS look like pikers, the outcome is already decided.

    We are genuinely faced with killing one billion plus people to preserve our civilization. I know we could have done it at one time but I don’t have confidence in the present.

    • There’s still time – look at Australia which has apparently stopped the flow of boat people by determined action.

  • Dana Garcia

    I don’t think the problem is “genetic temperament” but rather liberal policies leading to mental sloth and bad ideas regarding diversity and such.

    • Destroyer-Drone

      I disagree, there are clear dysgenic factors contributing to the West’s demise. Such as record low birthrates, deviant behaviour, a steep fall in selective pressure leading to a dumbing down of society…and more which approximately dates back to the interwar period (or earlier).

      Needless to say this comparison with Rome would be best suited for America or the whole White English-speaking world in general.

      The Victorian Britons of old definitely make their modern-day offspring look like utter degenerates.

      • Frau Katze

        There could be a combination. Dysgenics & cultural decay.

  • Everyone Else

    What a load of crap.

    Both the quoted scientist and the Telegraph Science Editor should be fired for “genetic” ignorance. Neither of them have the “biological drive” to warrant publishing. Somebody should send them to high school where they might learn that evolution requires many generations to change “genetic temperament”, and if the grandparents of the current generation had the gumption required to fight off the nazis 70 years ago, then the genetic necessities are still there.

    These people throw in words like “genetic” and “biological” in order to put a scientific cloak on whatever personal opinion they’re trying to peddle.

    • Frau Katze

      I think he’s wrong about “epigenetics.” But there doesn’t need to be a genetic explanation at all. It could be cultural. It’s not the first time a historian has suggested that people get soft when the living is easy and become susceceptible to more energetic groups (ibn Khaldun noticed it). No need to bring in genetics.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Cultural evolutionary rates differ across the spectrum, with equatorial human communities being notably slower in terms of their cultural evolution. Intelligence is similarly distributed in an uneven manner across the human spectrum. This is known and documented, but flies in the face of the modern ideation of equality.

  • Britain won’t get to the end of the century – it is doomed within a decade or two, when the Muslims will take it over.