Admiral Warns: Potential for Islamist Raids on European Islands

The Threat of Islam

Parry, who warned in a government paper in 1990 that Islam would replace Communism as the main threat against the West and accurately predicted the collapse of African and Arab nations during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, told Breitbart London he regretted the government was only taking action now, and had not heeded his warning earlier. The Falklands veteran said his warnings were ignored in 2006 when he wrote a major paper on future threats, as the Labour government of the day deemed speaking about Immigration as racist.

  • If you travel to Islands like Majorca, or Sardinia, as well as to coastal areas of Spain, France and Italy, you cannot miss seeing vestiges of forts built by Europeans in desperate attempts to defend themselves against the constant attacks by Muslim pirates and invaders throughout the Middle Ages. Many settlements were simply abandoned, because they could not exist and prosper under the constant attacks. So, Muslim invasion of European islands, and indeed of Europe, is nothing new. Indeed, let us not forget that North Africa was part of the Roman Empire, stolen by the Muslim invaders from the East.

  • Waffle

    If you do insist on island-hopping in the Med (which is absolutely gorgeous) a good handbook to bring along is Bernard Lewis’ “The Muslim Discovery of Europe”. He details quite graphically what these ‘explorers’ really thought of the various Europeans (sourcing their own historians and chroniclers) and what kind of loot appealed to them.

  • Dana Garcia

    People on Lampedusa should form up militias and arm themselves. They shouldn’t count on the Italian government to save them — it is too busy rescuing the invaders.

    The island has to be a big target — it’s only 70 miles from Tunisia.