Palestinians, police clash after East Jerusalem assailant, 16, killed

Illustrative photo of Palestinians clashing with Israeli soldiers, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sunday Oct. 26, 2014 (photo credit: STR/Flash90)

Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem Saturday after the IDF shot dead a Palestinian teen assailant at a checkpoint overnight.

Rioters threw stones at police in the At-Tur neighborhood of East Jerusalem, and Israeli security forces responded with riot control gear. One policeman was lightly injured, Israel Radio reported, and the Red Crescent reported that 20 Palestinians were injured in the skirmish.

No arrests were reported.

The clashes came after the neighborhood of At-Tur declared a state of mourning following the death of Ali Mohammed Ali Said Abu Ghannam, a 16-year-old Palestinian resident who allegedly attempted to stab a Israeli soldier overnight, the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported…

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    • Maggat

      Where can I get a concealed pocket carry version?

      • Mal

        Develop one, and your financial future is made, Mags. I’ll buy the first ten for the family’s use.

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      Speeches by Obambi, broadcast in the infra-sonic range.


  • simus1

    Poor kid. Everyone thought he had shown great potential and he was just starting out on his chosen career as an apprentice stabber.

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    Shoot more of them. Stone throwing should be met with rifle fire. Sniper fire should be suppressed with artillery or mortars. Rocket fire should be met with massed counterbattery fires; flatten the grid square. No Mercy.

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    500 children killed in Yemen this week I bet the UN has already cranked out 4,415,212 condemnations of the Jews today.

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    I think we should pay the Israeli’s for a study as to whether the crap cannon really works.