Letter to NYT: We can help the Europeans with migrants by airlifting them to the US

To the Editor:

Re “Europe’s Duty on Migrants” (editorial, April 21): While it may be convenient to place responsibility for migrants created by the Arab Spring and North African political instability on the European Union, it shirks a responsibility that should also be borne by more distant countries. A migrant airlift could decompress the disaster facing a few Mediterranean countries overwhelmed by refugees seeking their shores.

America and other countries do not deserve a pass as your editorial spells out “Europe’s Duty” to the rushing tide of refugees.


Del Mar, Calif.


  • G

    When the NYT editorial staff open their own apartments to allow groups of migrant strangers to stay there then MAYBE I’ll listen.

    Until then it’s just another damned holier-than-thou journalist telling EVERYONE ELSE what to do.
    I’m sick to death of this crap where some puffed up, self righteous asshole wants to call the shots but do nothing of any substance while everyone else must make the sacrifices and effort that he/she dictates.

    fuck them.

    • Cheryl

      Why are they not being sent to Korea where the UN leader is from?

  • john700

    And then we are surprised that some people hate the Jews for their embrace of crazy leftism.

    • k1962

      It’s not THE reason, but you can add it to the list of many unreasonable reasons.

      Not all Jews are leftists and not all leftists are Jews.

  • MannieP

    We’d do our country and Europe better by sinking the migrants’ boats and strafing the swimmers. But let the Euroweenies deal with them. Euronate on them.

  • k1962

    And maybe the U.S. can ship Mexicans to Europe.

  • J. C.

    Call the asylum! Harvey’s off his meds again!!!

  • Dana Garcia

    Steve Sailer considers the residence of the letter writer along with other relevant facts:


    A Del Mar resident contemplates the injustice of life in front of his $39,500,000 house


  • Yessir baconFat

    That sounds like a splendid idea. Airlift them and force them on little towns in the middle of america. How could that go wrong. Sounds like a cluster fcuk to me.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Put them on the border with Mexico and let them fight it out with the Mexicans over who gets in.

  • pdxnag

    We are from IS and we have come to help you (become Muslim like us, or die).

  • Minicapt

    The Isle of Manhattan would be a suitable place to settle them; much of it is only partially developed, and the current residents are often elsewhere. And Long Island is near-by.


  • Morticiaa

    With technology and ships, patrolling areas where satellites pinpoint locations where ships depart… These ships could be towed back
    Or escorted back to where they came from
    Doing this at a minimal cost compared to the cost of putting up all these ILLEGALS would send a message that this is a waste of their money…. They should not be allowed to land Iraq settle and turned back to where they came from

  • Gaian

    Yes, there are stupid people in the US too. Just look who they put in the Oval Office for two terms. One can only hope the Europeans have had enough of these illegal aliens and just drag their boats back to the African coast.