Islamophobia in the West partly responsible for spread of extremism: Iran envoy

Gholamali Khoshroo, Iran’s Permanent Representative to UN

He made the remarks in his speech at the UN Security Council meeting on Thursday.

Regarding Islam and the West, the youth are in a “paradoxical situation” which is rooted in the spread of terrorism and extremism in the Islamic countries and spread of Islamophobia in Western countries, he stated.

The world is witnessing violence in the Mideast and Africa which will lead to a “serious security crisis” in the world if it is not countered, he commented.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khoshroo stated that ideology propagated by Takfiris and he international terrorists do not represent Islam.

The entire speech is available here.

  • Yessir baconFat

    no it’s westernphobia that is causing the islamic people to terrorize the rest of world. There would be no daily westernphobia macro and microagression related terror events if all islamic people kept to themselves and countries of origin.

  • winniec

    If we don’t stop complaining about jihad, they will have to kill us.
    His Solution: stop complaining about jihad; accept it; they will stop trying to kill us.
    My Solution: complain about jihad; criticize it; organize to defeat it; create counter-ideology to destroy Islam and deprogram Muslim from their insane Death Cult.

  • greta

    Islam perceiveds itself as a race. A silly one too. Why not be critical and distrust the race which spreads like a bad turd on a toilet seat?

  • just a thought
  • Everyone Else

    Sure … the neck is also responsible for the sword.