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What the media isn’t telling you.

Khadr’s still a security threat

One way or the other, Omar Khadr, Canada’s best-known terrorist, is getting out of a Canadian prison very soon.

That could come as early as next month after Alberta Justice June Ross granted his bail application Friday — its conditions have yet to be set — pending the outcome of his appeal of his convictions in the U.S. for war crimes.

War crimes he pleaded guilty to, including the killing of Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, by tossing a grenade at him in a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002.

But even if the bail process stalls because the feds are appealing Ross’ decision, Khadr, who has been in custody since age 15 — first in Guantanamo Bay, now in an Alberta prison as part of his plea deal — doesn’t have a long wait until he’s out.

  • Politically Accurate

    The murdering terrorist puke and his Fifth Columnist, welfare-addicted incestuous family should all be deported to their real country of citizenship, Egypt. They can join their fellow death cultist, Mohamed Morsi, in prison there.

  • Linda1000

    You know, it would be really nice if Ontario would just contain all of its garbage in Toronto. Alberta doesn’t really need any more “eastern” overflow. Bad enough you guys are trying to convince us to like Justine. 🙂

    • Politically Accurate

      You’re right. OntariOwe has become a basket case. Since you seem unhappy with Prentice, can we send you Kathleen Swynne if you’re starting a collection of morally and financially bankrupt politicians?

      • Clink9

        Don’t know if it’s legal to transport sewage across provincial borders.

        • WalterBannon

          Wynne is not even legal in Ontario but she has bought off the crooked OPP so she will never face criminal charges

        • Linda1000

          Especially tar sands sewage, with all the screeching about pipelines Alberta hears from all directions east, west, south, north.

      • Linda1000

        No thanks. I’d like to put all the corrupt politicos on an iceberg floating to nowhere in the Arctic. Maybe they’d end up on the shores of Russia and Putin could slap some sense into their heads. Forgot, they seem to be starting to trek to Russia on their own (Chretien).
        It would be smart of Alberta to vote in a sizeable opposition to Jimmy Pretend Cons. on May 5th as he’s no different than the previous Redfraud. Doubt if Albertans will know they can check off a different box on their ballots since they have been voting Cons. for the last 40 years.

  • DaninVan

    The mind boggles at how he’s able to appeal his conviction here, The perp should have been shipped back to the US if he wants to appeal. His conviction, or lack of it, has s.f.a. to do with Canada or Canadian Law. The only reason he’s here is to serve out his sentence in his preferred country. That Judge needs a slap on the wrist; she should have tossed it.

    • WalterBannon

      Exactly. I hope the first thing Khadr does on his release is behead her, right in the court house.

  • mobuyus

    He should have been left dead on the battlefield.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Minus a couple of things so he couldn’t reproduce.

      • Politically Accurate

        He’ll probably inbreed with his sister as soon as the little f*ck is able to. More clients for OntariOwe welfare rolls and more Jihadists for future operations.

  • G

    “Alberta Justice June Ross granted his bail ”

    Another great decision by a female judge.

  • cmh

    if he still faces eventual deportation to the US then it is not over yet….we have to be patient and allow the US to get its pound of flesh from him.

    • WalterBannon


  • WalterBannon

    Still wondering why the govt has not even tried to pursue a dangerous offender status on this terrorist serial killer.

    Its more criminal malfeasance by our progressive govt.