CBC: Windsor Muslims learn to deal with Islamophobia

Islamophobia is going to be the main subject of discussion at a workshop held at the University of Windsor this weekend. (Aadel Haleem/CBC)

How to peacefully counter Islamophobia will be discussed by local Muslims Saturday at the University of Windsor.

The Windsor Islamic Association and the University of Windsor’s Muslim Students Association will host the workshop with the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

The session will be led by Ihsaan Gardee, a University of Windsor graduate and NCCM Executive Director.

Mohamed Nur is the vice-chair of the Windsor Islamic Association’s public relations board. He said the weekend event is an educational tool for the community.

“We want to educate our community on how to react to certain to certain Islamophobic gestures or slogans by certain people in the community. Windsor is a great city but there are those people who have those beliefs, especially towards Muslim women who are covered,” Nur said. “So we want to educate them on how they should react, what they should do, how they should carry themselves and not feed into those perceptions those Islamophobes have”…

…Nur admits Islamophobia is not very common in this city. “Windsor is a very welcoming city. It’s a very multicultural city at the same time,” Nur said…

Not so welcoming that CBC cannot spend money on producing this story.