An odd choice of words?

Minister Kenney issues statement on Parliament’s adoption of a Motion on Genocide Recognition

“Specifically, April would be a month of remembrance for the genocides in history that have affected many Canadians: the Holocaust; the Rwandan genocide; the Ukrainian Holodomor famine-genocide, and the loss of life endured by the Armenian people during the demise of the Ottaman Empire in 1915.”

Canada is on record as having recognized the Armenian genocide through a motion in Parliament in 2004.

Kenney’s phrasing suggests a wish to avoid mentioning the “T” word. What a Turkey!

h/t JEH

  • ntt1

    Perhaps Kenney gets a tingle up his spine whenever he reads “turkey”. Self recognition is a harsh master.

    • Is there a large Turkey vote in Canada?

      • Ismaili and Ahmadiya Muslims he hangs out with won’t like it.

      • ntt1

        yeah, great gangs of men with Hittite noses wearing flower pot like tarbooshes on their heads and torturing gelatine into sickly sweet candy. worse than Somalis really.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Turkey makes Kenney chicken!

    • It is an odd phrasing.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        He didn’t want say anything that could potentially upset the perpetually outraged ones….and that requires all sorts of verbal and psychological contortions.

  • cmh

    Not a turkey …… a cunning, vicious wolf (in sheep’s clothing). A typical politician who deceives the voters.

  • Palidor

    The Republic of Turkey was formed in 1923 after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Of course the Ottoman Empire was also referred to as the Turkish Empire but Minister Kenney is not incorrect in calling it as such.

  • El Martyachi

    “loss of life” was more interesting to me… same noise coming from the Obama administration this week. They won’t say genocide. Ya know, it would be really super if, when language decisions like this are made, for there to be at least some token gesture of transparency for us unwashed masses.

  • It would hurt his standing in the Ahmaidya and Ismaili Muslim community if he said those things.

  • Xavier

    Turkey season opens here on Monday morning.
    Perhaps we can make it an international event.