The Nation’s Oldest Jewish Fraternity, ZBT, At The University of Florida, Spits on and Assaults Disabled Combat Veterans AND Their Service Animals

wounded_marine ZBT

The University of Florida and Emory University are investigating allegations that Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members disrespected wounded war veterans last weekend at Panama City Beach, Florida, by spitting, urinating and pouring beer on them.“They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” wounded veteran Nicholas Connole told CNN affiliate WJHG.

“People were urinating off the balconies, throwing up in the elevators, making suggestive and sexual comments about veterans with their service dogs and derogatory and suggestive comments about their wives,” said Linda Cope, organizer of the Warrior Beach Retreat.

“They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” said wounded veteran Nicholas Connole.

Veterans say they were shocked at the level of disrespect these college students had. They told me that they threw beer on them from their balconies and even spit on them.

Linda Cope, founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat, says she’s never seen such disgusting behavior.

“They’re a total disgrace for our military,” she said. “They were urinating on the American flag they were throwing things off of the balconies.”

These injured soldiers were staying at the Lake Town Wharf Resort at the same time students in the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau from the University of Florida and Emory University were in town for their spring formal.

“I have not stood up and said anything about spring break because we constantly want to get the support of the community, but if this is at all indicative of what these college students do we need to get rid of it,” said Cope.

Veterans say it comes down to respect for our country.

“There was a group of very intoxicated college kids that actually ripped the American flag out of the ground and was trying to run around with it.”

Cope did receive an apology letter from the president of UF who said he has started an investigation but has also stated that he is turning over lists of any veterans or persons that have threatened violence over this matter to the police.

He feels that the incident is best used as a teachable moment.

They also call for dialog.

UPDATE: That Chapter has been suspended, some say that not enough.

UPDATE II: Damn, Even GAWKER is enraged at them! The Frat, not the Vets; a sure sign of the end times folks!

UPDATE III: All major networks, Bing and Google News and Drudge are now carrying this story.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Any ideas on how this went down?
    News coverage is quite sparse, other than mentioning that it happened, let alone the context of the frat involved.

  • Alain

    Disgusting is all I can say and even worse if this was done by American Jews, which is hard to believe. It sounds more like radical neo-marxists who are all the same no matter which background they come fromt.

    • G

      An overindulged, spoiled university brat is the same no matter what creed or ethnic group they belong to.

  • Wow, this is unreal.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I think if the Mrs. did a story on this for Taki Mag, that place might just explode.
      I know she likely doesn’t do requests, but I can dream. 🙂

      • Oh Lord I don’t even want to think of it.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I’m thinking of an “in defense of Zeta Beta Tau because of the racism of service dogs and how, at certain angles, the spokes of the Vet’s wheelchairs might look like part of a swastika.”
          I think that would be better than my “Jew Store” in Malmo Sweden idea.

          Now, if anybody is reading me for the first time, I’ll spell out that I think that every single member of that fraternity should be whipped and flogged until they are dead.
          Just to make sure you all know where my head is at.

          • Gettingby

            That is a bit harsh Drunk_by_Noon. Since they want to use this BS as a teachable moment decimatio may be better. A cohort selected for punishment by decimation was divided into groups of ten; each group cast lots, and the soldier on whom the lot fell was executed by his nine comrades, often by stoning or clubbing. That’s where my head is at.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            “Harsh” is such a harsh term!
            Points for creativity and knowledge of ancient history, but I think you are going soft. 😉

            My original thought, which I toned down, was total “bloodline annihilation”.
            All frat members, to also include all of their siblings, descendants of siblings, all of their parents, then all surviving grand and great grand parents.
            I was reveling in my sense of restraint.
            BTW, anyone know if that practice ever existed in antiquity?

          • Xavier

            No don’t kill them!
            The dead don’t suffer.

          • Clink9

            What a hideous bunch of scumbags. I hate sharing oxygen with them.

  • winniec

    They are such a disgrace, their Jewish licence should be revoked. Barbarians.

  • G

    “He feels that the incident is best used as a teachable moment”. Yeah, I’ll bet.

    “They also call for dialog”. (as opposed to getting their asses kicked).

    “That Chapter has been suspended” Ooooo scary. That’ll teach them.

  • Repugnant kapos, who probably voted for the Kenyan muzzie.

    • On a second thought – they would’ve treated IDF veterans even worse.

      • They are Liberals.

        • mauser 98

          cannot see residents being identified with this or hallucinogens involved? i will guess non residents involved in this.
          …am getting old

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        How could they have topped that?

  • Christopher Coulter

    That was wrong, no adult should act this way. By the way a warning sign via google blocked me saying your site was objectable I had to click understood proceed to site.

    • Frau Katze

      You went to our old site on Blgger. We are now self-hosting with a redirect. Check your bookmark. The new site is www,

  • vimy

    but has also stated that he is turning over lists of any veterans or persons that have threatened violence over this matter to the police.

    Then also turn over the names of the studens because spitting on someone is assault

  • Minicapt

    Denigrate them for “acting Mohammedan”, or Democrat.


  • Xavier

    “They also call for dialog.”

    Here’s Dialog:

    • Xavier

      Personally, I’m not a big fan of heat shields, but I suppose if you’re wandering through a crowd of self-loathing and abusive Jewicidals and carrying a couple bandoliers of PDX1, it could come in handy.

  • Maxsteele

    These are the typical self loathing Jews that vote for Obama (i.e. Noam Chomsky and Jon Stewart types). Jews in name only.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Self loathing?
      I say self-worshiping.

  • c w

    I wonder how many of those lads would have embraced the Judenrat and the Kameradschaftpolizei.

  • pjoe

    Who is DB Cooper ? false name. check out web site for the Emory frat listed they don’t look Jewish to me. Why no pictures of offenders? what are they hiding.

  • Maria Schicklgruber

    The not so funny thing is jews don’t and won’t enlist in the USA military !

  • Una Salus

    Attack of the frat dhimmis

  • Werewolf Alpha

    The president of UF’s name is Bernie Machen. And let me tell you this, Bernie. If I see someone spitting on a Vet, I don’t care who or what that person is or does for a living. I’m going to personally give him a ‘teachable moment” right the FUCK then and there.