Thanks For Letting His Dad In Citizenship & Immigration Canada: Omar Khadr granted bail

Convicted war criminal Omar Khadr, the Canadian transferred to an Alberta facility after serving time in Guantanamo Bay, has been granted bail.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice June Ross, in a 23-page decision, granted Khadr’s bail request Friday morning. Khadr’s release is pending a hearing May 5 that will set out conditions.

“Even though the applicant has pled guilty to serious offences, he should be granted judicial interim release,” the judge wrote, “because he has a strong basis for an appeal, and the risk to public safety is not such that it is in the public’s best interest that he remain in pre-appeal detention in a manner that could render his appeal irrelevant.”

Canada’s ideologically driven immigration policy is responsible for this, at best it was negligent more likely it was crafted with deliberate malice by our political class.

Turning Canada into a mirror image of the 3rd world appeals to the toxic sensibility of Ottawa’s bureaucracy and our politicians were only to happy to reward themselves and their backers by impoverishing us via mass immigration.

Divide and conquer is the oldest game in the book.

Official multiculturalism is nothing more than the means by which the populace is balkanized and dissent crushed under the benevolent guise of “diversity” and “inclusiveness”.

To point out the damage done by the moral and cultural relativism inherent to multiculturalism and unbridled immigration is to be labelled a thought criminal in Canada.

With an election approaching it is time act. Ask your candidates their position on immigration and multiculturalism.

Ask them pointed questions such as why has our society been deliberately endangered by the import of Islamists.

Ask them why we must foot the massive bill for domestic security protection and for our intervention in Islam’s civil war.

Ask them what they intend to do about it.


Ezra weighs in.