Nothing To Do With islam: Canada seen as safe haven for French Jews in wake of anti-Semitic attacks

At the time, fellow Jews in France criticized him for leaving, but now the same people tell him he did the right thing. “There are not a lot of countries where you die because you are Jewish, but it happens in France,” he said citing the Hyper-Cacher attack and the 2012 assault on a Jewish school in Toulouse by an Islamist terrorist who murdered three children and a rabbi.

“There is a physical threat, but what is even more terrible — because in the end, there is little chance of dying — is to be assaulted in daily life,” he said. “My father, who lives in southern France, faces verbal and physical abuse when he leaves synagogue. That sort of thing happens every day.”

He said his son and daughter, 17 and 15, are now perfectly at ease displaying their Jewish identities in public. It is when they return to France to visit family that he has to warn them.


Unless we learn from Europe’s mistakes and curtail immigration from Islamic nations then it is only a matter of time before the events described above become common place here.

Islam does not play well with others. That is documented daily throughout the world and no Muslim state exists that does not persecute its religious and ethnic minorities. The day to day incidents discussed in the article could just as easily have come from Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium or England.

When they have reached the numeric strength here that they enjoy in Europe violence will naturally follow.

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