North Carolina Churches Trashed, Spray-Painted with Pro-Homosexual Vandalism

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Two North Carolina churches recently suffered thousands of dollars in damage as their buildings and property were trashed and spray-painted with pro-homosexual messages.

Officials at Bales Memorial Wesleyan Church in Jamestown arrived last Saturday to find the church sign broken and pelted with eggs and silly string. Some of the church windows had been smashed, flowers were uprooted and parking signs were ripped out the ground. The hood of the church bus was scratched as if it had been keyed, and a sign was shoved through the front grill.

A number of messages were also spray painted on the building, including “Gay’s ok,” “God loves [expletive]!” and “He hates you!”

On Sunday, officials at Grace Baptist Church in Greensboro also arrived to find similar damages to their building and property. A window had been broken, eggs had been pelted at the building and toilet paper was strewn around the outside of the facility.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A little sodomite outreach?
    Because be allowed to groom your children at school just wasn’t enough.

  • roccolore

    Gay fascists = hatemongers

  • Minicapt

    Probably standard vandals trying to stir up both sides. Plus the local Muslim Students Association.


  • Fascist fags.

  • Feel the love.

  • Gary

    The homofascist Brown-Shirts have been like this for about 10 years now and i call them the GayStapo .
    Thousands of gays being murdered in those 57 OIC islamic nation and yet GLAAD goes after the CEO of Mozilla to get him fired just because he agreed with Obama and Hillary back in 2009 about the Traditional Marriage .
    Hillary and Obama are their buddies now after drinking the Rainbow Punch Kool ade and maybe that’s why the Goons at GLAAD didn’t go after them when Chis Steven was brutally murdered by muslims in Benghazi fior being Gay and an American.

    gays are pretty selfish to stay quiet over the slaughtering of gays outside of N.American in Muslim nations.
    i gave up caring about these people that are now the same bullies they claimed they were victims of , even the media went easy on Ben Levin and that homosexual pedophile at maple Leaf gardens.