Italian police hunting Osama Bin Laden’s former bodyguards and 16 other Muslim terrorists

Italy is conducting a ‘vast anti-terrorism’ operation this morning to arrest members of an armed Al Qaeda-inspired group they claim were ready to carry out attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

An ongoing series of raids largely focussing on the autonomous island of Sardinia is targeting 18 people, including two purported bodyguards for Osama bin Laden, investigators said.

Some of those being tracked by police have been arrested in Italy – including an imam suspected of being the group’s spiritual leader – but others are believed to have already fled abroad.

The group had ‘an abundant amount of weapons and numerous faithful willing to carry out acts of terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan before returning to Italy,’ Italian investigators police said.



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  • I was in Sardinia last summer. Beautiful place, lovely beaches, nice laid back Italian people. But wow! “Migrants” everywhere, Africans and North Africans, and many many people from Afghanistan and Pakistan. What are Afghans doing in Italy, dressed in their traditional garb? They occupy the city center of Cagliari, selling their wares on the streets, completely blanking out the native people of Sardinia, they roam the beaches, so that no one can go swimming for fear of having their stuff stolen. Tomorrow’s Europe today.

    • That is sad. But Europe has brought it on themselves.

      • I love Europe too much to see it go.