Gunboats are the humanitarian answer to Libya’s refugee crisis

There are two ways to solve this migrant crisis. Either we must let them all in, or we must stop them from attempting the journey

More than a thousand migrants have died attempting to get into Europe over the past week, including 900 who perished horribly, trapped in the hold of a Tunisian ship near the Libyan coast. Many thousands have died before and many thousands will die in the near future attempting the same venture unless we in Europe change our policies. Everybody is agreed that something has to be done.

For the liberal left, the answer is to sack Katie Hopkins, a fellow columnist of mine at the Sun. Not just sack her but also prosecute her and prosecute the editor of the Sun. More than 200,000 people have signed a petition got up by someone called Izzy Saunders demanding her removal from the paper because she wrote something with which they disagreed. Hopkins had written an article saying that we shouldn’t let the migrants in, that she felt no pity for them and that they were ‘cockroaches’. Seeing the news reports about the 900 dead, then, the liberal left did not send money or aid, or get up a petition to demand action to save the lives of future migrants: its response was to salve its own conscience by trying to destroy the career of someone it disagreed with.