Gavin McInnes: Politically correct liberalism is really snobbery, class warfare

Gavin McInnes for

“Free speech is about culture,” says Gavin. “We’re living in a climate of fear, and that includes corporate fear.”

When companies pull ads from Rush Limbaugh’s program, they’re bowing to the will of a tiny handful of bullies. Contrary to what progressives will tell you, that is NOT “the free market in action.”

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  • Everyone Else

    “Tyranny of shrill minority” or “liberal mob” – what’s the diff?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Yup, agreed.

  • eMan14

    Spot on though. He/she/it, provided they are part of the right political spectrum, who screams the loudest, no matter how small… will prevail over reason, over logic, over what is right.

  • winniec

    Politically correct liberalism is the product of cultural Marxism. It is indeed ‘class warfare’. These half-cocked Marxists are a new nomenklatura, in effect a new class of would-be rulers. The Libtards’ goal is to shut down debate about their ideas so that inquiry into their agenda never takes place. To question the progressive agenda is the sign of heresy. It is enough to support the heresy slur with more slurs, rather than defend the reasonableness of the agenda. Those fashionable, political illiterates who follow and support cultural Marxism never question even the egregiously wrong statements of their chosen leaders. They have been rendered incapable of more than ‘mob thought’…independent, critical thought is beyond them because the educational system implemented by the Libtards values compliance. We saw this when no feminist criticized Bill Clinton and see it now when there is almost no concern about Hillary running her own secretive branch of government unaccountable to anyone. Hillary is getting a free ride no conservative would get. Conservatives are much more honest about their leaders’ foibles.