CBC Calls Muslim Thrill Killer Wannabes Aspiring To Join The ISIS Child Rape & Murder Club “teens”

“Quebec teen accused of terror had potential bomb-making materials at home”

Sabrine Djaermane and El-Mahdi Jamali are accused of intending to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act abroad, but Radio-Canada has reported that they may have been preparing to act much closer to home.

Dear CBC, they are not “Teens” they are psychopaths.

They’re 18, old enough to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Save for the fact that evil and good tend to be reversed in Islam.

There is no possible way they could not know of the daily litany of atrocities committed by their brethren.

That was obviously considered a feature not a bug to these two little darlings.

Stop whitewashing these monsters.

  • ProgNorth

    They cannot call it what it is, for then they would put themselves in a losing situation. For they would either have to ‘take a moral stand’ of which they are bereft, or acknowledge that they sympathize with those who hate the west & out themselves.
    Making excuses releases them from this choice and saves them, from the swarm of politically correct locusts.

    • It’s pathetic, but such is the state of society that people are afraid to take a stand.

      • ProgNorth

        Some will stand, but the numbers dwindle.

        People are either cowed into it, or they have become the useful idiots, of a system that at every turn, teaches them how evil they are, for reaping the rewards of the greatest society ever built.

        Leftists ( who are our greatest enemy ), essentially fight under the same banners as Islam….

        “Death to Judeo-Christianity”
        “Death to capitalism”
        “Death to Liberty”
        “Death to the west”

        • No question, theirs is a match made in Hell.

          • ProgNorth

            If it were just the left committing cultural suicide, I’d grab some popcorn and gleefully watch them perish. Unfortunately they’re taking the rest of us with them.

            My hatred of them and their ideology, is greater even than my hatred of Islam. For at least Islam spells out its aims in language anyone can understand, if they have willingness to.

            The left are conniving snakes, who hide their intentions by using emotional buzzards like ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ & phrases like ‘it’s for the environment’ and my personal favorite ‘it’s for the children’.

            Both would have us converted to their ideology however. Those who do not are worthy of death. It’s just that Islam will say it.

          • Rosenmops

            The left are conniving snakes,

            I think most of them are low-information bleeding heart types who are not too bright.

          • ProgNorth

            Those are the useful idiot foot soldiers. The Generals know exactly what they’re doing.
            Point taken though.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Every time I hear someone express the sentiment that something is not “fair”, I always interrupt and say the following: “Did you say that’s not fair? I haven’t heard that since I was in a sandbox at a park when I was a boy of 8 or so. It’s not fair? Is it legal? Ethical? Moral? Unethical Immoral? Illegal? Please, be SPECIFIC, but don’t use sandbox talk with me, okay? It doesn’t work with me. Never did. Not even when I was 8. I hope I’ve made myself clear. Now, let’s be grown-ups and carry on…..”

  • The_Infidel_01

    See, if they took a stand they run the risk of being labelled pro Chris
    tian/white/Jew/heterosexual and they cannot have that as it is against the agenda.
    They have to protect their brown shirts at all costs.

  • k1992

    The blind and dangerous fools at the CBC (BBC, ABC, CNN, etc) need to be watched (“know your enemies”, as they say) so I’m glad there are conservatives who are doing so.
    But there is no way that I personally will waste even a minute of my time on their biased nonsense: Screw ’em.

    • Still we can’t ignore them.

      • k1992

        I agree. I know that hiding won’t help: they must be resisted.

    • Rosenmops

      I’ll leave it to people with stronger stomachs to monitor CBC.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I did that years ago. Always had a weak stomach for broadcast bullshit. CBC holds the World Cup in Broadcasting Bullshit. Nonetheless, I read about what the CBC gets up to so it continues to appall me even though I’ve not actually watched it in over 30 years. And naturally, as a Canadian taxpayer, I pay for the CBC to broadcast their bullshit. I ask Jesus for forgiveness for that every night. 😉

  • winniec


    See the horror film ‘Teenage Death Cult Zombies’…coming soon to a theatre near you.

    (No…coming soon to your shopping centre! The Muslims are here and they’re MAD…are you carrying?)

  • barryjr

    I wonder why the Canadian Bureau of Censorship isn’t allowing comments? Maybe they’re afraid somebody will say something mean about muslims.

    • Justin St.Denis

      They wouldn’t dare permit comments. That might interfere with their echo chamber.

  • cmh

    Have you sent this to the CBC? I guess you should.

  • simus1

    The Caliphate Bullshit Commune is always ready to carry water for enemies of Canada.