Why it’s just like home I bet…

Police say two women, Tanveer Nazriddin, 40, Zainab Noman, 37, and one man, Muhammad Yusuf, 40, have been charged with fraud over $5,000, bribery of an agent and laundering the proceeds of crime. Another man, Naziruddin Syed, 46, also faces charges of fraud, bribery and possession of the proceeds of crime.

  • Rosenmops

    DEPORT these crooks NOW.

  • c w

    Dont worry, the crown will collude with the defense lawyers to get them only 2 years less a day, which will void a deportation, oh, and the judge will in on it also.

  • cmh

    Hydro One takes this ‘very seriously’…..them and no one else