US: Why Scott Walker Is Right on Immigration

Immigration has become the third rail of American politics.

At a time when the labor force participation rate has fallen to 62 percent and the employment growth for the last 15 years has gone to immigrants, opposing the Super-Amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens is still considered an extreme position… in the Republican Party.

So when Scott Walker merely suggested that Congress should make immigration decisions based on “protecting American workers and American wages,” he was denounced for it by… Republicans…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He was denounced by Republicans bought and paid for by a who host of characters from the Chamber of Commerce and various other business entities that have a vested interest in driving wages down as far as they can, while sticking the American taxpayers with the bill for the social costs.

    • Frau Katze

      There’s something about Jeb Bush that really irritates me…can’t quite put a name to it.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I have to go out for dinner now, but if I could stay…
        I’ll just say that it has nothing to do with his brother or his father.

      • bob e

        he’s phony mebbe’ ..

      • mauser 98

        book on Jeb out soon,,, same author who wrote Clinton Cash

      • John

        He’s rather smug I find.

    • The same goes on here in Canada, our government has sold us out.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Certainly the government is a problem, but what I was mostly referring to were those pundits that are ostensibly conservative but at every opportunity rush to support the Jeb Bush types at every opportunity.
        Like the Mrs. says: “trust no one”.

    • mauser 98

      the New York Times are attacking Hill
      it’s over

    • Blacksmith

      It is a one party system here in the states, the leftist and their enablers, There are a VERY few with the ‘R’ who are truly for what the republicans actually stood for back in the day. As for jeb, he is farther left than a lot of leftist.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I say he is controlled by his wife, 100%.

  • There were already immigration laws that weren’t enforced. Perhaps it is naive for one to expect any newer laws to enforced now.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The laws that were ignored were to keep the Illegal Aliens out. The new laws that enshrine their right to live and work here will be scrupulously enforced to the fullest measure of the law.
      That’s what corrupt systems do.

      • That’s why they just make things worse.

        I can understand someone having been born in the US remaining. Just send the parents back. It’s not that hard.

        • bob e

          send everyone back .. all of them

          • The problem is the ones born in the US. Send the parents back but keep the kids here or send them all back and wait until Junior is of age and can return legally.

          • bob e

            no no .. send them back with a special executive order
            exactly like the first horseshit one that got them here. everybody
            goes, ”pack up the babies & grab the ole ladies .. everyone goes”

          • That may present an opportunity to return legally born immigrants (RE: citizens).

            No, just force the parents to leave wither with or without their legal offspring.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The US has more a jobs crisis rather than an immigration crisis. I agree that Obama’s amnesty program is the wrong one for America, but the US has not been able to create really good and well-paying jobs since I would say before 2006. Remember that around 2006 that is when the crisis got worse for jobs. The recession was just beginning then. The fact is a recession occurs from policies a few years prior. That means was it the Bush tax cuts, the deregulation, or something else. The US has a jobs crisis because of the industries that were offshored during the Bush years and as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. That made the jobs more susceptible of leaving. People seem to forget that China also being allowed in the WTO which both parties supported along with removing Glass-Stegal. Both parties supported the WTO and the Glass-Stegal removal. Will a flat tax help the US? I would say no since the US is broke. Taxes are already quite low. All you can lower in the US is just corporate taxes and sales taxes and much of the money is offshore in tax havens. The US doesn’t produce anything anymore.

    So to suggest the Republicans are best suited when they were there when the 2008 financial crisis occurred is a bit rich and not very smart.

    Both parties are not helping the US economy but seem to be against the American people and constantly are against each other.

    The last critical thing to say is with 4 wars that the US is involved in what would the Republicans do differently other than attacking Iran, Russia, China, etc.

    I just don’t see other than tax cuts to fix their economy as a proposition of what will be brought up as the only solution.

    The US needs much more than that to fix itself. So both parties are to blame and America needs a strong third party.

  • Brett_McS

    Scott Walker has been my pick since Obozo got in again. Walker/Cruz would be ideal.

  • bob e

    does not matter .. i betting on hillary. it dosen’t matter anymore ..
    look at the B-ners atop this train. running water is a modern
    miracle for these peasants .. fifty million so far . one every 33 seconds.

  • mauser 98

    Scott Walkers past being investigated up the wazoo
    …still nothing on Barry

  • John

    Mass immigration and the stagnant wages it creates is probably the main reason for the housing bubble. When IT workers making 120,000 a year are replaced by immigrants from India who are paid half that rate, is it any wonder real estate market is so soft in the U.S.? Eventually there’ll be so few jobs and so much redundant labour power that the whole economy will crash.
    The political elite in America are so greedy and so shortsighted they risk bringing down the whole edifice.