‘Rosie the Riveter’ poster girl who became a feminist icon for millions of hard working women during WWII, dies aged 92

The iconic Rosie the Riveter poster girl who became a symbol of feminist power for the millions of hard working women who on the home front during World War II has died.

Mary Doyle Keefe, the telephone operator who inspired millions, passed away on Tuesday after a brief illness, her family said.

Mary became the poster girl for American women when she shot to fame by posing for Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting.

  • G

    Thanks Miss O’Keefe.

  • G

    Of course the Mail has to get a “Rosie” style picture of Beyonce.
    Get lost you conceited airhead.

  • The Goat

    She can do everything, except bake cookies.

    • Frances

      Want to bet she couldn’t bake cookies? Women of that era were truly multi-talented.