Phoenix Woman, Forced Into Marriage by Family, Is Brutally Assaulted by “Husband”

A Phoenix woman forced into an arranged marriage was brought against her will to her “husband’s” apartment on Monday, where police say she was violently sexually assaulted.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the woman’s parents “married” her to 30-year-old Mohamed Abdullahi without her knowledge in November. Court documents show the marriage was done as part of a “Muslim custom called ‘Nikah.'” The documents describe the two as being joined “culturally.”

Police say the young woman learned of her arranged marriage in December, and she fled the state upon hearing the news. After 15 days out of state, she returned to Phoenix to finish high school.

On Monday, multiple family members brought her to Abdullahi’s apartment “against her will,” according to court records.

Once at the apartment, near 33rd and Van Buren streets, Abdullahi punched her in the face and started to strangle her with one hand around her throat, police say.

  • The Goat

    And Feminists have to make up fake stories about rape on college campuses.

    • oldguy

      It won’t be long now. The Feminist rape stories will disappear because the Feminists will disappear.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      The story has to fit in with The Narrative. Evil white patriarchal oppression and all that. If it doesn’t fit, feminists and progressives don’t wanna hear it.

  • Martin B

    Islamic family values in action: Taking your own daughter out of school and handing her over to a murderous rapist.

    More Muslims please Mr Government.

  • eMan14

    I feel sorry for the girl. The family should be charged as well.

    • k1992

      Darn right they should be charged (but probably won’t be because it would offend the precious muslim community). They are squandering an opportunity to make it perfectly clear to these “people” that this shit will NOT be tolerated in our societies. And also to demonstrate that those few (such as presumably the young girl) who wish to actually participate in our societies will be fully protected in doing so. As it is, she still must fear her loving family: they’ll likely try again at some point.

  • Dana Garcia

    This sort of behavior is what passed for “romance” among Muslims.

    Fox includes the Somali identifier:

  • k1962

    How romantic her husband is :/