National Post Calls AFDI Ads “Bizarre”

Only in Canada, home of the hate fact is the truth called “bizarre”

Note the pic below is from their front-page link to the article which has a sane headline but quotes the insane SPLC.

National Post Bizarre



  • cmh

    wonder what this rag will have to say when these ads start hitting TTC buses?

    • They will never be allowed in Toronto.

      • Surele Surele


      • FactsWillOut

        Maybe she can get them on cross-border Greyhound buses?

  • Alain

    From reading the article I must conclude that it could have been written by someone from the CBC, as it is misleading, biased and dishonest. Funny how the same rag sees no problem with the Muslim propaganda ads based on lies, but get their nickers in a knot when ads state verifiable facts concerning Islam. Furthermore, the organisation is clearly pro freedom and pro free speech and to label it simply a pro Israel lobby is dishonest. Personally I consider that after the departure of Conrad Black the NP can only offer the leftist claptrap as the Globe and Mail.