Muslim Extremists Want to Slit My Throat

I am Camelia. I write on Facebook and blogs with the name Foring Camelia. I am not sure if I will be able to fully convey to you our situation. Every moment passes with the omnipresent fear of death. Islamic extremists can murder any one of us at any time.

In 2013, when four atheist bloggers were wrongfully arrested due to pressure from extremist Muslims, I protested. They are not criminals, they haven’t done anything wrong, so why were they arrested, remanded and sentenced to serve jail time for nothing but writing? I could not accept such an injustice, and so I took to the streets, placard in hand, and joined a movement to demand their just treatment. I wrote for days demanding their release. It was back then when radical Muslims first targeted me…

  • pdxnag

    It is not Islamic Extremists, its pious Muslims enforcing elementary Islam. It is the Islam that they plan for the whole world, when the whole world is conquered. They are the ultimate control freaks. Anyone that goes Muslim must be contained.

  • ramspace

    I wish “Camelia” had not invoked Mies and suggested that “6 million people, mostly women” were burned alive between the 14th and 17th century. The date range suggests that this was the death toll during the European witch hunts, but the figure is not credible. The realistic range is between 35,000 and 100,000, with Monter, Gaskill, and Hutton supporting the lower end. Perhaps if the territorial range were global and the time scale an order of magnitude greater. . . .

    • winniec

      Witchcraft was punished as a crime against the state. The belief was that witches could do real harm such as voodoo curses that killed people.

  • winniec

    Good for you, Camelia. Stay safe. Change your name and move if you have to. Learn about Sharia law. Get a copy of it and learn it.

  • just a thought

    They believe they have every reason to, …based on “…’Muslim grievances’ that have no grounding in reality.”
    But don’t you dare blame Mohamhead, even though he’s the one who started it.

  • Ron MacDonald

    الإسلام هو أيديولوجية فاشية.

  • oldguy

    Muslim women, how can you live with your men without eventually killing them while they sleep?

  • David Murrell

    And to think that Prime-Minister-in-waiting Justin Trudeau (and his media supporters) want better relations, following U.S. President Obama’s foreign policy initiatives.

  • cmh

    it’s only a matter of time for this blogger….. they better get their affairs in order