Islam finds a place in Germany’s classrooms

Students of Carl von Ossietzky high school attend a workshop to discuss the image of Muslims in the media, in Berlin in October 2014. Pupils at the school, the overwhelming majority of whom have a Turkish background and are Muslim, are anxious to talk about Islamic State’s advance, the Syria crisis, the videos they have all seen on Facebook and WhatsApp, and the radical Islam that has convinced hundreds of youths of the same age to leave Germany for the Middle East.

Frankfurt — A half hour away from the shimmering banks of the Main river, Timur Kumlu has just read 20-odd second-graders a chapter from the Quran, about Abraham looking for Allah, but finding him neither in the sun, the wind, nor the moon.

Who is Abraham? One boy with piercing dark eyes jumps in. “He trusted Allah!”

Good, and who is Allah? “God,” answers a pale-faced Albanian boy. Almost half the pupils at the Henri Dunant school are Muslim, their parents coming from as far as Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Albania, Turkey and Morocco.

Mr. Kumlu nods. Allah, he says, is also the god of the Jews and Christians. “All of us have common roots,” he says. “Jews, Christians, Muslims”…

  • just a thought

    When I was in high school, I barely had to shave. I’m wondering how old some of those middle eastern looking Einstein “youths” really are.

    And, speaking of Turkey (slightly off-road), my son shared this with me a short while ago.
    Who knew that some of them had a sense of humor?

  • CodexCoder

    No, Islam and Judaism/Christianity do not share common roots. For example, the story related about Abraham – he did not go looking for God, God chose him and sent him.

    • just a thought

      G-d “chose” Abraham after he spent his life searching for G-d and, after “finding” Him, doing what G-d told him to do. G-d chose him because he faithfully pursued truth, and served G-d without wavering.

      As to Islam, Mohammed copied Judaism (mostly incorrectly) and added stuff that would appeal to Arabs. Technically Arabs aren’t Ishmaelites, but their ideological underpinnings under Islam are.

      Christianity is an outgrowth of a break-away Jewish sect that was later embraced by Pagans who then abandoned their Paganism.

      No one I know, Jew, Christian or Muslim questions the links. I would be interested in where you got such a notion.

    • The Koran was plagiarized by a desert dwelling fraud called Mohammed.

    • just a thought

      PS – I’m not being flip, but having reread some of your comments to other articles which I pretty much agree with, this one strikes me as odd since it seems to be an outlier.

  • bob e

    how are we gonna d-louse from this vermin ?? what is comming,
    is gonna make bosnia seem like a brawl .. for an example of the future
    check out the movie “saviour ” dennis quaid .