How ISIS Became The World’s Richest Terror Army – BBC Documentary

The inside story of how a small band of fanatical jihadi fighters became the world’s richest terror army ever. Featuring the first major TV interview with an imprisoned senior leader of the so-called Islamic State, Peter Taylor looks behind its medieval savagery and investigates how it became so fabulously rich and resilient.

h/t NightRider

  • Gary

    I noticed in my area that the Halal Industrial Complex is growing at the Grocery Store which is a ruse to legally allow muslims to funnel their pay checks to terrorism
    via Shopping .
    It was bad enough i saw a dedicated Halal Meat section for these Master-Faith muslims to avoid shopping next to us filthy unbelievers or gays and jews , but I just saw the new Halal Candy section next to the Bulk-Buy self-serves bins as if the candy must be Slaughtered and blessed by a Imam at the factory.
    My area has a high number of female muslim refugees on welfare on the local welfare housing and it’s the new norm to see pregnant women in Niqabs and hijabs with kids with them. These pro-sharia pro-jihad jew-hating homophobes take that welfare cheque and buy Halal items or support muslims business with along with weekly Zakat to the Mosque’s which we now see pumping out Jihadists that hate canada.

    Back in 2006 I came across a Internet website that promoted the Muslimfest at Square-1 in Mississauga in August , one of the items i found was a notice posted by Sheeam Khan from the hamas-linked CAIR where muslim visitors were told that it was legal to donate their Zakat to the War effort in Lebanon to fund the orphans and widows.
    What CAIR did was use the Charity Status by the CRA to funnel money to Hizballah that created the widows and orphans as suicide-bombers and terrorism that died by their illegal war on a UN nation waged for Lebanon.
    Back then , the Media and Liberals ignored me like some islamophobe because Carolyn Parrish touted the Muslimfest as a good event for Canadians to fight racism and bigotry as part of buying the radical Vote.

    The Halal system is a ruse to raise money for the global caliphate crusades and it’s no shock that muslims in Canada are quiet over the weekly slaughtering of Christians and gays being tossed of building by ISIS. These closet islamists stay quiet and keep buying halal products for the financial Jihad support.