Grooming gang ‘drugged and raped 15-year-old girl’ at a Birmingham hotel

A teenager has told how she was raped at the age of 15 by three men at a Birmingham hotel after becoming victim of an Asian grooming gang.

The girl says she was drugged and then abused in a room after the predators spent more than a year befriending her and another schoolfriend.

Yet despite giving police the men’s names, ages and even vehicle registrations, they were never charged over the alleged attack two years ago.

They were arrested two months after the incident was reported and initially freed on bail. But the teenager claims the case was dropped when the suspects produced naked photographs of her to police – pictures which she says were doctored or taken while she was drugged.

h/t ZD

  • Mark

    Awesome police work. You’re charged with rape and you show the cops child porn pictures you took of your victim and that’s your get out of jail free card?

    • Yea that’s a crack team there.

      • J. C.

        You mean the team was on crack, right?

      • WalterBannon

        Thats why these POLICE OFFICERS belong in prison.

  • Gary

    Don’t think this won’t come to Calgary and be covered-up by the Muslim mayor and Police Chief that has been bought by the Diversity dollars ans lets the pro-hamas muslims riot while blaming the victims for inciting them .