Defending Israel and the Wounded Feelings of the Jewish Left

Can American Jews talk about Israel any longer? A lot of people don’t think so anymore. Left-wing writer Peter Beinart even proposed last week in a Haaretz column that they should stop trying to rebuild an imaginary position of unity and instead concentrate on building relationships with each other by talking about Torah, since religion is the one thing they have left that might bring them together. While more such study is, by definition, a good thing, that call is a more of a measure of his frustration about his failure to persuade more Americans to join his crusade to overturn the verdict of Israeli democracy since the left-wing positions he advocates on the peace process have been conclusively rejected again by the Jewish state’s voters. But it also is a reflection of a general conviction on the left that the so-called Jewish establishment has been trying to shut them up and stifle debate on Israel. While Israel has always and will continue to generate heated and sometimes intemperate discussions, the notion that the Jewish left is being silenced is a joke. More to the point, as Israel commemorates its annual Memorial and Independence Days this week, the effort by some to accelerate the process by which Jews are distancing themselves from Israel is the problem, not the solution.

  • Scaramouche

    Israel isn’t the Jewtopia of their fevered, “social justice” dreams, and, moreover, it is embarrassing for them to have to defend it when most folks on their end of the political spectrum abhor it.

    Poor babies!

    • Must be a hard life!

      • Scaramouche

        They’re miserable. Full of themselves. But miserable.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Beinart is a hateful little troll and a crypto Nazi BUT I will grant him this – that yes, Israel should tell the US and pretty much all the Jews in the US to sit down shut up and fuck off. Two different countries. American liberals don’t vote in Israel, don’t work or live there and don’t serve. They flap their gums and prattle on from the security of their barstools and keyboards. American Liberal Jews who carry on about De Evul White Mon and De Evul Jooz are no different than your run of the mill Arab crazy waving a sword over his head ululating for the blood of infidels. Beinart, Jon Stewart, et al. can’t claim any moral highground all they can do is smirk at one another and clap each other on the back congratulating themselves over how perceptive they are to love Hamas. So fuck them. And let’s let Israel go its own way. They don’t need American ‘Jews’ or anything most of them have to say on any topic whatsoever.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I do not agree with talking about Torah.
    I would suggest that they get together and conclusively decide whether or not they want Israel to survive.
    If the answer is not positive they should stop lying about being Jewish. They have forsaken that privilege.
    If it is positive they should open their minds and see what immense damage they are doing to the survival of Israel and all Jews.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Beinart and his cohorts are nothing more than JINOs.