Cherson & Molschky: Apotheosis of Nazism in Ukraine

A year after the “revolution”, Ukrainians live happier every day. They are so happy that cursing the government and those in the West who reduced Ukraine to the level of Somalia has become a national sport. And the main target of these curses is US President Barack Hussein Obama and IMF.

Although, for the sake of the truth, it´s not clear why Ukrainians blame their government; the Ukrainian President and Prime Minister are only doing what Obama, Merkel and IMF say to drag Ukraine to a “bright future”.

And the achievements are obvious: home prices on gas, electricity, heating and fuel are now close to the European ones. The wages, however, remained the same or fell even lower, and will remain so at least till the end of 2015. Unemployment grew six times. But what does such a trifle matter, if Ukraine is triumphantly marching to the tune of “democracy”?…