4/20 Is Over, and America’s Weed Laws Are Still Racist as Hell

You had your fun. Four-twenty was great: People across the nation smoked, ate, dabbed and vaped themselves into a euphoric stupor, celebrating what started as a low-key blunt session for five California high school friends in 1971 and blossomed into a global holiday.

Maybe you talked politics. Maybe you hit up the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu. Maybe you were lucky enough to see the Cannabis Cup in Denver, which housed such a staggering array of products it made you forget it was also Hitler’s birthday. But one thing you didn’t do — unless you were in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska or D.C. — was consume recreational marijuana legally. And that raises a much more serious dilemma.

Despite increases in social and legal opposition, America’s weed laws are still racist as hell…

WTF is 4/20?