This woman was kicked out of a Calgary comic book convention for criticizing feminism: An interview with Alison Tieman

Women in the “Honey Badger Brigade” were expelled from Canada’s largest comic book expo in Calgary last Friday because they dared to disagree with a feminist panel.

  • LauraS

    Glad Rebel Media picked up this story. So tired of precious snowflakes slandering and silencing anyone with a differing opinion.

    I hope the next set of interviews features the weasels at Calgary Expo. I’d love to see them named and forced to justify their decision to ban this group. And what about those who launched the false accusations? Let’s get them on camera defending their actions, too. Shameful.

    (Interesting how they love to go after women, isn’t it? The Factual Feminist and the Honey Badgers are just the latest–they’ve done this to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ann Coulter, amongst others. It’s why so many women think of feminism as the other “f” word!)

  • Xavier

    Her sin was being erudite and correct. That isn’t tolerated.

    And while I respect the reporter’s intellect and interview skills, I cannot help but label her with a single word: exquisite. The eyelash flutter at 6:47 was intoxicating.