The Miraculous Life of El Niño Fidencio

VICE Mexico has been documenting these cultural phenomena in its series called “Mexicalia”. In this new episode, we traveled to Espinazo, a little town with a population of 400 in Northern Mexico, to witness the annual celebration of the “Niño Fidencio” — one of these popular saints — which more than 40 thousand people attend.

José de Jesús El Niño Fidencio Constantino Síntora was a man who earned a huge number of followers during the Mexican Revolution due to his gift of healing people. It is said that he used to perform surgery without any kind of medical equipment and caused his patients no pain. He made it so disabled people could walk again and blind people could see. He is even said to have been able to cure Mexican president Plutarco Elías Calles’s leprosy.