The De-Christianization and Gradual Islamization of France

“…The Charlie Hebdo killings compel us to look frankly at reality—without the hollow rhetoric of our political classes or the complacence of the media. In fact, for a while, a few days after the killings, it seemed like French people were beginning to wake up. When, on Sunday, the 11th of January, Paris and several other French cities witnessed the largest demonstration in the history of France, it seemed that there was a new realization of the threat now within our borders. A “Republican march” of around 4 million people (according to official sources)—more than during the funeral of Victor Hugo in 1885—with thousands of anonymous people following behind almost the entire political class, from France and abroad (including 44 foreign heads of state) seemed to suggest that people were ready to say, “enough is enough”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “Philosopher Chantal Delsol thus describes the “great fatigue of the West”: fatigue of the vacuum, which encourages people to run towards anything that offers completion or ‘wholeness’ (even though it may be very bitter and destructive of freedom); fatigue of atheism, which encourages people to embrace the first religion that appears on their horizon; and fatigue of the chaos, which encourages people to seek order—even if is tyrannical in nature.”

    Nihilistic instant gratification as preached by “The class of ’68”: CHECK!
    Atheism: CHECK!
    Social upheaval: Search for a tyrant (think Roman usage of the word here) deliverer

    I can’t see anything here I disagree with that hasn’t also been historically born out in other places and in other times.

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  • John

    Great article…thanks for posting it. The ‘Great Fatigue of the West’ is a very real phenomenon. Émile Durkheim called it ‘moral anomie’ and The West has it in spades. Islam presents a clear, simple message, and in an era when there’s so much moral relativism and hisortical/cultural deracination, clear simple message become attractive.
    It always astounds me that the French never notice that after an islamist atrocity, the country’s muslims are loathe to mourn the murdered. After Mohammed Merah’s murder spree, few of Toulouse’s Muslim community expressed any real sympathy.
    Their silence in the face of all this outrageous violence is deafening.
    How can France’s political elite fail to notice this time after time?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islamist maniacs understand that westerners have sub second attention spans and cry profusely over things they don’t understand as long as they know that someone saw them emoting about it. So what if there were these massive marches the day after. That’s so 10 minutes ago. All of them went right back to sitting around in class blithering stupid shit like they always do.