Pat Condell: We have a democracy problem

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    That’s what I love about Brits, it’s always someone else’s fault.
    The ultimate source for any bad WMD Intel on Iraq seemed to come from the Brits and sources that they cultivated that they then handed off to us.
    Of course that wasn’t the only reason we were there, but instead we were removing one of the two worst regimes that supported worldwide terror on the planet.
    There is no way Saddam could have conceivably been left in power especially with a history of trying to assassinate former U.S. Presidents.

    As for Afghanistan, that would have been over long ago (in so much as that wars in that part of the world do end) had the entire western coalition not been hampered by retarded rules of engagement that were INSISTED UPON by the European Member coalition members.
    I, and most Americans would have been perfectly happy to have no coalition “partners”.
    Ultimately they were ineffective in almost all of their missions and there presence (and the conditions of their presence) resulted in not only the needless deaths of their soldiers, but ours as well. Their individual soldiers were mostly fine, but their top level leadership wasn’t up to the task.

    As to the upcoming elections if UKIP does not sweep into power, then The UK will truly have the government they deserve, like all of us do.

    • I have no faith in UKIP getting in, they will be a presence, but not the government.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It seems everyone knows more than I.
        I hope you are wrong, but you probably are not.
        What do the latest polls say?

        EDIT: WOW!
        UKIP, a solid third!
        Yeah, go ahead and start setting the fires England.

        • It is not an encouraging sign.

          • Ho Hum

            I think the problem is Farage has sent out confusing messages. Today he said he would prefer immigrants from Australia and India over immigrants from Somalia and Eastern Europe. Why would he prefer immigrants from India (which has a sizable Muslim minority) over immigrants from Eastern Europe? I think the UK has enough immigrants from India as it is. He also wants to privatize the National Health system.

  • El Martyachi

    I, for one, look forward to continued entertainment in the headlines from Orwellian Islamist Pedophile Island Great Britain.

  • BillyHW

    Women love being lied to. Love it.