Jinn converts to Islam on Twitter

The man who uses ruqya, the reciting of Qur’anic verses to heal people, published the supposed conversation he

Some mildly-related semi-cheesecake because why not?

Some mildly-related semi-cheesecake because why not?

had with the jinn on his Twitter account, which has 16,000 followers.

…According to the post, the jinn said: “I am the jinn Habibi. I announce my conversion to Islam at the hands of the sheikh. I testify that there is only one God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. The sheikh was good and helped me to convert.”

Several people on Twitter have accused the man of fabricating the conversation. It was more like a joke because he wanted people to believe that jinns can have Twitter accounts, one person said.
Some experts in Islamic law said that these self-proclaimed healers are using a noble practice to make money, and that they do not realize the magnitude of their responsibility to society 

From the comments:

  • That’s good. But I’d rather use all my efforts to convert real people. The world in its present state of chaos needs Islam very badly.