France: Muslim Suspected Of Terror Attack Murder of Aurélie Châtelain Arrested

French police have arrested a man found in possession of handguns and Kalashnikov assault rifles who is suspected of planning terror attacks on churches in France.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Wednesday that the 24-year-old suspect, an IT student who is also an Algerian national, was arrested on Sunday.

He is also suspected of killing Aurélie Châtelain, a 32-year-old fitness instructor, on Sunday in the Villejuif suburb of Paris, Cazeneuve said.

The man was arrested after he called emergency services having apparently shot himself in the leg by accident, a police source told Reuters.

When paramedics arrived they saw that it was a gunshot wound and called the police, who followed a blood trail to a nearby car that contained an “arsenal of weapons”.

In an eerie reminder of January’s Charlie Hebdo attacks, in which 17 people were killed by Islamist gunmen, the haul included a number of handguns, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and bullet proof vests. A search of the man’s apartment later uncovered three more Kalashnikov rifles.

“Documents were also found that establish without any ambiguity that this individual was planning an attack on one or two churches,” Cazeneuve said .


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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This dirt bag killed her just so he could steal her car.
    She left behind a five year old son.

    • Just another Muslim practicing his cult.

      • Jabberwokk

        Just another Asian *REDACTED* that deserves your compassion as he is mentally ill.

        fixed that for you.

  • BillyHW

    I hold Pope Francis partially responsible.

    • I hold Obama responsible.

      • Jabberwokk

        I hold the generations of France/Europe who sided against Christianity responsible. When you refuse to say to God your will be done and insist on your way he will second your motion and say “All right, YOUR will be done”.

        Nature abhors a vacuum. You wanted Christianity gone? Congrats mission accomplished. but then what comes in to take it’s place? Secularism holds no threat to the doctrines Islam whatsoever. They will(and are) push(ing) it over. And when the ruins of France looks into the shattered mirror to behold there disfigurement perhaps then they will realize it was there own hand holding the knife.

        And if Canada thinks there fate will be any different; Just as Jeremiah warned Jerusalem about the ruins of Shiloh so to should we look to Europe to see what the future has in store.


        I totally get now why young idealists turn into bitter old men, move off to a cabin in the woods posting warning signs:

        Trespassers will be shot.
        Survivors will be shot again.

        They just cut to the chase.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wow good thing they have such draconian gun laws in France.

  • Jabberwokk

    Well nothing short of a Miracle. This headline could have easily read “Man shoots up church, Kills dozens.”

  • Mal

    BACKLASH! alert any minute now.

    • Yes, no doubt he just wanted to teach a course on gun safety to those church goers.

  • Rosenmops

    Too bad he didn’t accidentally shoot his balls off so he couldn’t reproduce.

  • roccolore

    The Muslim groups are already whining about “Islamophobia.”