Family distraught as OCAD student Asmaa Bana goes missing

“Asmaa Bana, a 20-year-old Toronto graphic design student, whose family says she is so conscientious that she will call if expecting to be even five minutes late, is missing.

…What is most strange about the case is erasing her online history.

Normally a missing 20-year-old does not warrant much attention from police but Toronto Detective Rob Elliott said deactivating her accounts is worrisome.

“That’s unusual for someone her age,” said Elliott Wednesday morning.

One scenario her family had worried about but thought unlikely was that an extremist group had tried to recruit her online, as the Islamic State has done with other Canadian youths.

Even though Bana’s relatives say she could be easily influenced, they all find it impossible to believe she would try to leave Canada or be lured by the group. She has never been outside of Ontario, and never owned a passport, unless she recently applied for one and did not tell her family.”


Also odd is a call from Pakistan….