Ethiopians mourn 30 Christian compatriots slaughtered by Muslims

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Demonstrators hurled stones and police fired teargas as emotions ran high at a mass rally in Ethiopia’s capital on Wednesday commemorating 30 compatriots shot and beheaded by Islamic State militants in Libya, witnesses said.

Protesters started gathering at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square at dawn to denounce Islamic State. “We will not bow down to terrorism!” one placard carried by a young boy said. Another read: “The world must be united against terrorism.”

One man at the government-organised rally, who said he was a university professor, said many in the crowd were angry that jobless Ethiopians still felt they had to travel to places like Libya in the hope of crossing over to a better life in Europe.

He also accused the authorities of clamping down on free speech. “Even the chanting (at the rally) was led by the government,” he said. “We do not have the power to speak.”

  • Ethiopians adopted Christianity in the fourth century. It is still the dominant religion in the country with Islam close behind. It is even surrounded by Islamist states. Coupled that with poverty, it’s amazing that Ethiopia still exists.

    • It is a wonder, seems such an inhospitable place.

      • As is the case elsewhere, Christians occupied that territory first. They are now being driven out or killed.

        • Justin

          No, Ethiopians will fight back and hard and will defeat any enemy. Just pray that liberal democracy should not get into Ethiopia because if it does, it will destroy the very strong Orthodox Christian Culture in Ethiopia that preserved this ancient country for thousands of years. Pray also that Catholicism and Protestantism should not be strong in Ethiopia because these denominations will bring secularism and liberal democracy like Kenya and Nigeria and the muslims will start jihad on the weakened and emasculated Christians and take control of Ethiopia.

          • I’m going to pray that Catholicism does take root in Ethiopia.


          • Justin

            That is good point. The problem is that whereas Orthodox Christians will fight and die for their faith and land the Catholic and the Protestants are profoundly pacifists and are culturally and religiously weak and are infected with political-correctness that they will not fight for the faith or lands. They would rather trust governments who are themselves weak compromised, clueless and politically-correct.

          • I love how you think this can be substantiated.

      • Justin

        Ethiopia has deserts but Christianity in Ethiopia is concentrated in the Central Highlands, which is called the “Roof Africa” because it few thousands meters above the sea level and it is very, very green, very hilly and very cool weather all year around. Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and the Ethiopians follow an ancient
        culture and language and are warrior people who protected their country not only from muslims for hundreds of years but also from white colonial powers who wanted to colonize them. Ethiopia is the only African country that was able to defeat a European standing army that wanted to colonize Ethiopia over a hundred years ago. Check out the Battle of Adwa.

    • Justin

      Actually Christianity went into Ethiopia in the First Century AD. Read Acts 8:26-40. Ethiopian Christians had also several hundreds years of very bloody religious war with muslims so it is very, very likely that (unlike Kenyans) they will fight back hard if the killing of Ethiopian Christians continues.

      • As I said, Christianity in Ethiopia pre-dates Islam.

        Any unwillingness to fight the Muslims is on them, I’m afraid.

        • Justin

          Not only Christianity in Ethiopia predates islam but Christianity in Ethiopia predates all European Christianity (except that of Armenia). Even hundreds of years before Christ, Ethiopian kings and elites were following Judaism and there are tens of thousands of black Jews in Ethiopia today.