The darker your skin – the further down you go: The racism of migrant boats

“The Libyans who got me to Italy are not human,” he said. “They speak with the gun not with words…they pushed eight Nigerians into the sea.

“And they pushed my friend into the sea. They all drowned.”

Ali survived the trip alongside 400 others, telling how he was crammed below the deck with no windows.


Gee I wonder who could be running those boats…

h/t Suze

  • k1962

    Absolutely disgusting. And the Arabs have nerve to call Zionists racist. Arabs (at least the Muslim ones) are supremacists.

  • mauser 98

    racism in Africa? sheesh ..Holder, Sharpton , Obama told me that only happens in the US.. like from those white people ya know

  • G

    A number of the criminals running these people smuggling operations are probably arab. They hate Europe (white people) and know that shipping over crowds of useless deadbeat welfare cases is one way of straining and weakening the Europeans.

    • Many if not the majority are in fact Muslim, this fits in nicely with their hatred.

  • David Murrell

    “Gee I wonder who could be running those boats…”.

    Yesterday (Tuesday, APril 21, 2015) it was reported that Italian police have arrested two highly-esteemed multicultural progressives captaining the boat that killed 800. One is named Mohammed and the other is named Mahmud:


    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …looks like it’s a banana boat…

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …blow every Libyin tub out of the water that’s longer than 22 feet…

  • Hard Little Machine

    In Arabic ‘kafr’ means nigger. It’s how Arabs and Beduins refer to black people.

    • lolwut?

      That’s South Africa, (Kaffir)… The Arabic meaning is Unbeliever.

      We had a South African cop where I live for a few years
      he’d call every brown person he was arresting or shaking down Kaffir
      nobody, even other cops knew what he was saying. lol.

      Dude was a bad ass though, like take you into a room and waterboard you
      kinda bad ass…. He got transferred somewhere after a lot of complaints.

      Kinda miss him, lol Drug dealers and junkies ran for the hills when he was around.