Snivelling Communist At The Wretched Guardian: Madonna May Admire Thatcher Shocka!

“Let her error be a cautionary tale for others seeking instant inspiration online. (Truly, father, she has sinned – ed.)

…Her months-long joyride may have finally ended this week with a controversial Instagram post paying tribute to Margaret Thatcher. “If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing,” Madonna quoted, adding, “Thank you Margaret Thatcher! #unapolgetic [heart icon] #rebelheart.” (Rebel hearts obviously don’t use spellcheck.)

…No, wait, sorry, that was Hitler.”

Of course Madonna admires Thatcher. Look, like everyone else I think Madge has turned into an embarrassing old hag. But she’s tough, self-made, and the feminists never gave her a break, not that she asked. Just like Thatcher.

If you disagree, tell me why she (Madge, that is) has survived 30 years as a mega-star in an industry that manufactures and then spits out slutty starlets before they hit 30. Hillary Clinton is never going to inspire any young women, you know.