One million migrants waiting to sail to Europe

The male survivors stand on the ship’s deck as it approaches Catania, waiting to set foot on European soil. Two people have been arrested for the deaths of the other passengers

…Last night border chiefs warned as many as one million migrants are waiting to set sail off the coast of Libya, with the need for drastic action to address the crisis greater than ever before.

EU border agency chief Fabrice Leggeri warned that up to one million migrants could reach Europe amid collapsing security in the northern African country.

As the survivors of the capsized boat arrived in Catania last night, authorities revealed two of the group had been arrested and charged over the deaths of its hundreds of dead passengers.

They were identified by other survivors including a Bangladeshi man who had earlier been airlifted to hospital…

  • Achmed

    1 million? 1 million?

    Why we’ve got at least 50 million waiting to go to Europe and Scadinavia and another 50 million for the USA never mind all those that want to go to KKKanada, Australia and New Zealand.

    Its Al-Hijra baby!

  • Microaggressive

    Israel needs some Multiculturalism

    At least the blacks will be sterilized there

  • favill

    Torpedo the boats and machine-gun the people in the water. What the heck is the navy good for. This is an invasion of squatters and parasites with the long-term goal of eventually bankrupting the host, using stupid, Leftist laws in order to promote their lifestyle…and outnumbering the host country’s population within two or three generations.

  • P_F

    “1 million waiting to set sail off the coast of Libya”, and how many more millions from other places??

  • Barrington Minge

    Time to blockade the Libyan ports..dont let them leave….
    Australia has the right approach…and if they make it, send them straight back!!