Moderate Muslim Imam Blames Christians For Burning Their Own Churches

“Muslims did not take part in these attacks. Sure, there were many Muslims protesting the cartoons, but no one pushed them to attack churches. I’m sure if we arrested some of those involved in the church burnings you’d discover that in fact Christians were among those taking part in the violence!” Seydou said.

Pastor Zakaria Jadi, whose church and home were among those destroyed, says it is ludicrous to claim Christians were involved.

“The mob kept chanting over and over in Arabic ‘God is great!’ God is great’

h/t TROP

  • The Goat

    I can feel the moderation from here.

    • Frau Katze

      Muslims are good at bold-faced lies too.

  • Jade

    Christians always burn their churches with parishioners in them. Yes that is what we do.

  • roccolore

    Muslims have been known to torch their own terror mosques and blame the Christians.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    What did you expect from the lying SOB!

    • winniec

      Mullahs all know the preposterous nature of the smelly material they shovel weekly. They know Islam is filled with inconsistent absurdities. Mullahs are already professional liars. A few of them have the courage and morality to be able to leave it. The rest are devoid of ethics.
      Mullahs all know that Islam is false, but they need the job.

  • andycanuck

    Projection isn’t just a river in Egypt I see.

  • Yeah, that’s what happened.

  • winniec

    It’s suicide…suicide, I tell ya.

  • winniec

    “I’m sure if we arrested some of those involved in the church burnings…”
    The police evidently didn’t arrest anyone…the Muslim police didn’t see any problem.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    We need a new Peter the Hermit to wake people up. It sure won’t be the press!