‘Jihadi John’ wanted to wage jihad in Somalia until his friends were betrayed and killed by al-Shabaab

Mohammed Emwazi, the Isis recruit from Britain now notorious as the savage executioner “Jihadi John”, gave up an earlier plan to join al-Shabaab in Somalia when a succession of friends were killed amid accusations of deceit and betrayal within the organisation.

The Londoner turned from his first choice for jihad because he feared for his own life too if he joined the group that controls a swathe of Somalia and has brought carnage across East Africa

  • winniec

    Jihadists from UK, Europe and the Americas bite the hands that fed them.

    Not only did he spit in the face of the country that gave him a fine education…Emwazi

    killed Britons who came to help care for refugees out of the goodness of their heart.

    Emwazi is a perfect example of the normative twisted thinking of Islam’s Death Cult.