Islamic State Releases New Mass Execution Video

NB: The links below will take you to, it’s a jihadi site.

Sorry but this is the translation: Implement the rule of God in the 11 component of the popular crowd

At any rate ISIS massacres 11 captives, pics here.

ISIS Massacre


No Idea what this means… Slaughter two Awakening wearers who had been seized from the foot, pics here.

Isis Beheadings


2 “Spys” are executed in this vid, you can view it here.

Isis executes 2 spys


And for our Aussie Readers, Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi makes a statement, in English, you can view it here.

Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi Aussie Muslim Terrorist

  • David

    Apparently, we have no dog in this fight.

    • Good thing, Muslims don’t like dogs.

      • David

        When did America enter the 2nd ww?

        • David

          Ask neville.

  • tom_billesley

    I think “Awakening wearers who had been seized from the foot” refers to recruits to IS caught running away – i.e. deserters

  • David

    We have the means, we need to find the will.

    • Yup.

    • Observer
      • David


      • David

        We bombed the shit out of tokyo, nada, then hiroshima, nada, then nagasaki, i get it.

      • David

        “Political Science”

        No one likes us-I don’t know why
        We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try
        But all around, even our old friends put us down
        Let’s drop the big one and see what happens

        We give them money-but are they grateful?
        No, they’re spiteful and they’re hateful
        They don’t respect us-so let’s surprise them
        We’ll drop the big one and pulverize them

        Asia’s crowded and Europe’s too old
        Africa is far too hot
        And Canada’s too cold
        And South America stole our name
        Let’s drop the big one
        There’ll be no one left to blame us

        We’ll save Australia
        Don’t wanna hurt no kangaroo
        We’ll build an All American amusement park there
        They got surfin’, too

        Boom goes London and boom Paree
        More room for you and more room for me
        And every city the whole world round
        Will just be another American town
        Oh, how peaceful it will be
        We’ll set everybody free
        You’ll wear a Japanese kimono
        And there’ll be Italian shoes for me

        They all hate us anyhow
        So let’s drop the big one now
        Let’s drop the big one now

      • Surele Surele

        it looks like there is no other way.

    • Xavier

      I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever happens is deserved. We don’t seem to have the national will to protect ourselves or other victims against Moslem violence; let the whiners and beta males become dhimmis or die. I shall fight, as is possible for an old man, but it won’t make any difference. Perhaps a generation or two after the collapse and subjugation, men of character will stand against evil. But for now, we are pussies. I am ashamed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Where the hell do they get all those clean orange jumpsuits? It’s like they have an infinite supply.