Federal budget 2015: Parliament Hill, security agencies getting more money

Canada’s national security agencies will get additional funding under the 2015 federal budget, including more money for security at military bases and for the country’s lone intelligence review organization.

In a budget that projects this year’s tax-cuts will cost $4.9 billion, the additional funding for the fight against terrorism is a fraction of the government’s expenses.

  • dance…dancetotheradio


    • People seem to like the budget, well not Ontario.

      • Surele Surele

        Not Ontario, for sure. We’re being taken to the cleaners. Who the hell voted them in… that’s what I want to know.

        • Clausewitz

          Seems these days I can’t find anyone who’ll own up to voting for the Witch.

          • Surele Surele

            Just asked this question at the office the other day. Crickets… I’m starting to suspect that a bunch of Extraterrestrials are at fault.

          • Clausewitz

            More like the mentally challenged, after all they ARE Liberals.

        • it was a right wing conspiracy to make Justin look bad!

  • El Martyachi

    ..;. all that extra security spending is still less than what’s spent on the CBC in one year.

  • Gary

    It would be cheaper to halt immigrations for the UN Nations listed as being Terrorism Producers because Canada takes in muslims from 5 of the 7 nations.
    Just wait until there are 2 million muslims in Canada because back when there were just 600,000 we had the Toronto-18 msulims terrorist that wanted to slaughter 10,000+ people in Toronto via truck bombs.